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Ball Farms
3315 Corn Valley Rd.
Honaker, VA 24260

(276) 889.5391 (Aaron & Angela)
(276) 971.4406 (Aaron Cell)
(276) 873.6616 (Michael & Carol)

Ball Farms has always had cattle dogs, which are used to move cattle between pastures and to the working facilities. Presently, the following breeds are being utilized: Kelpie, Border Collie, and Blue Heeler. The past few years, Aaron has been crossing the Kelpie and Border Collie breeds, which have made excellent dogs with a lot of grit, stamina, speed, and natural working ability. Pups are occasionally available for sale. Great Pyrenees were introduced in 2005 as a means of managing goat predators, such as coyotes and mountain lions. Puppies are for sale at all times.
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