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Ball Farms
3315 Corn Valley Rd.
Honaker, VA 24260

(276) 889.5391 (Aaron & Angela)
(276) 971.4406 (Aaron Cell)
(276) 873.6616 (Michael & Carol)

Ball Farms purchased their first brush goats in 2005. Goats were introduced into the operation as a means of brush control for the mountainous terrain. Their introduction has proven to be successful because the reduction in the use of commercial herbicides is both environmentally and financially beneficial. Due to the harsh winter conditions in the mountains, the breeding program has been designed to have nannies kid only once per year, during the month of April. Kids are weaned at 6 months old and sold directly off the farm. Some replacement nannies are kept each year; however, as the herd population increases more nannies are being sold.
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